I keep forgetting to take a picture for the photoblog challenge until evening is getting on, and then I feel like the kid in How To Eat Fried Worms getting home from the ballgame.

Photoblog challenge 5/24. Intricate. At least I think so: I actually cannot make any of this out without a stronger pair of reading glasses.

Photoblog challenge 5/23. Plain. I am not normally into the ethnic doll thing, but I was writing a book about Amish tourism (a.k.a. the “plain people”) and figured I needed a few souvenirs for research.

Photoblog challenge 5/22. Textile. New napkins bought at an art and craft fair yesterday. A cloth napkin adds something important to the dining experience, even if it is just a grilled hot dog, yes?

Photoblog challenge 5/21. Symmetry. (I ran out of A’s.)

It was twenty years ago today…

I do miss having ducks around.

Photoblog challenge 5/20. Beverage. On a hot day, from a glass bottle, in a pickup truck with the window rolled down. (Every beverage has its rituals.)

Photoblog challenge 5/19. Indulgence. I haven’t particularly indulged myself today, but in case of emergencies, I keep the really good beer in the basement fridge… next to the shellac flakes.

Photoblog challenge 5/18. Random.

Photoblog challenge 5/17. Hold. Wedged tenon holding a leg in a chair seat.